Love the old training videos from way back when?

Well how about a classic about the first M-16 rifle?

Check out this vintage Vietnam War era training video on a weapon that changed it all.

Whether you love it or hate it the M-16 rifle was a catalyst of the modern rifle platform system.

With early teething problems during the Vietnam War the early M-16 rifles were quite a pile of hot trash. They were not issued early on to troops in Vietnam with cleaning kits and the wrong powder was used in the cartridges themselves. That huge fail cost American soldiers’ lives. When the issues were finally resolved the M-16 series of rifles became the service rifle of the U.S. military and has been chosen by many other countries along with law enforcement also.

In the civilian sector the child of the M-16 platform, the AR-15, has become the modern hunting rifle capable of extreme precision and quick follow up game shots. On the range or afield the tough rifle that differs from it’s ancestry by semi-automatic operation and is perfect for coyotes, hog hunts, you name it!

This vintage training video shared by YouTuber fighterairplane shows the original rifles in use. Step back in time and see the grandfather to the favorite “Mattel” modern rifle of today.

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