Urban Carry Holster’s REVO Holsters are certainly turning heads.

The good folks at Urban Carry sent me over samples of this new holster design to review.

Learn all about what I found the just released Urban Carry REVO Holster line can do for you.

For my review I requested a Urban Carry REVO Holster that would fit a Kahr PM9 pistol. This pistol may be small but is just a little too large for pocket carry. What I received was the following:

  • Kahr PM9 Gun Shell
  • Single Mag Shell
  • Double Mag Shell
  • OWB Belt Slide Base
  • IWB Belt Clip Base
  • IWB PLUS Belt Clip Base
  • Shoulder Rig
  • Appendix Base
  • Ankle Base
  • Drop Leg Base

The holster shell that holds the Kahr PM9 Pistol is an absolutely perfect fit. There’s no need for extra retention or thumb straps on the holster.

The back has a Velcro style pad, which mates up with any REVO base that I listed above. Then two “wings,” which I’ve come to call them, buckle down and everything stays in place very well. It is that simple.

The components are made out of fine leather, and the smell is always a treat. The magazine holders are adjustable and hold the Kahr PM9 magazines quite well. The ankle holster base is quite robust and holds the pistol in place well.

The shoulder rig holds your sidearm shell on one side and the mag holder on the other. The Miami Vice theme song kept playing in my mind as I set up the shoulder rig. It is classy, but to be honest, I really think it would be perfect under Don Johnson’s sport coat.

Between the IWB (inside waist band) and the OWB (outside waist band), the various bases fit any body type you may have and your preferred position of carry. There are four styles to choose from for that perfect amount of comfort.

If you are looking for a Made in America holster that can change forms and uses old school gun leather, then look no further. Be sure to check out the all new Urban Carry REVO Holsters on their website.

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