This groundbreaking deer call is new to the hunting world.

I got a chance to test out the Tree Thrasher 3-IN-1 Deer Call and this is how it performed.

As with most hunters, I want to try out new game calls to see just how well they work. Maybe they might even improve my hunts? Deer are especially curious about odd noises. In the past I have called in big angry whitetail does while hunting coyotes using a rabbit in distress call. Anything different that is not deemed danger at the moment in the deer brain tends to be investigated.

Well the Tree Thrasher 3-IN-1 Deer call works on that principle. Curiosity killed the cat as the old saying goes. This call certainly has some interesting sounds that might peak some deer curiosity. The Tree Thrasher 3-IN-1 Deer Call has 3 different “natural” deer sounds. There is rustling leaves, tree thrashing, and even branch breaking.

How well does it work? Well I have been fielding this interesting call and I can tell you does and bucks are certainly curious of the sounds. Used in conjunction with a buck grunt call the deer action certainly increases.

While I continue my pursuit of the chosen target buck you can be certain I am armed with the Tree Thrasher 3-IN-1 Deer Call as my secret weapon. Change up your tactics and surprise that big buck that has heard every old call in the county.

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