Buffalo dropping .45/70 Government cartridges are just for rifles right?

Well American Derringer Company thought a derringer should be made to shoot them.

Check out just how much kick a .45/70 derringer actually packs.

What is the heaviest recoiling handgun you have ever fired? Was that pistol small enough to fit into your pocket also?

Well Kentucky Ballistics got ahold of an American Derringer pistol that is actually chambered for the behemoth .45/70 cartridge. Yes, the big bore rifle cartridge originally used in the past to flatten both American bison and two legged foes also with massive power. Oh yes, it also now a favorite against giant brown bears too! Now picture that in a small derringer…

I have always been curious just how bad they kicked. Sure I have heard stories but never fired one myself. All of my .45/70 cartridge shooting has been done out of either a single shot rifle or lever action rifles. Well, now we all know how bad the recoil is on that little beast.

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