Sometimes it’s more dangerous to be the cameraman.

That’s exactly what happened to this guy filming a revolver that explodes.

Check out this .44 caliber revolver kaboom that pelts the cameraman with shrapnel.

YouTuber Raiderdeluxe shared a video that shows the power and danger of a kabooming revolver.

The cameraman is in the normal spot where anyone would film or even stand when another shooter is firing. The first shot goes quite well with this short barreled .44 magnum caliber or .44 Special revolver (not specified). The second shot appears to break off the top strap or shatter the cylinder and shrapnel goes flying. A chunk hits the cameraman all caught on video.

Was it the top strap, a piece of the cylinder or other part of the revolver that hit the cameraman? In a still frame the shrapnel looks like an actual live .44 cartridge that has a bend to it from the kaboom.

This is a lesson to all to always wear eye protection and of course hearing protection. That incident could have ended much worse but it appears all parties involved survived unscathed. Always also be sure that you are not shooting someone else’s faulty reloads. Though no cause was commented on that would be my best guess on what was the culprit or a blocked barrel due to a squib round. Always be careful.

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