Watching other hunters afield can be quite comical.

This Elmer Fudd knock off is just a lesson in comedy.

Witness Mr. Fudd try to get a hare in one of the most comical displays of hunting failure ever.

So you think the antics of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are all cartoon fiction? Well meet this hunter, his dog and the prey, this rabbit or hare.

In this video shared by Facebook page Caes Caca Pura Raca we see this hunter and his dog in action. Out in a plowed field there is nowhere for the prey to go right? Well it appears the hound is having fun chasing it’s new friend. The hunter just can’t get a good shot with his shotgun. At other times he chokes on the shot. He then tries to club the rabbit with his shotgun. Well that didn’t work so well. He then tries to grab the game at his feet. Too slow Mr Fudd! The whole show is just as comical as it gets.

Well Mr. Fudd I hope you have better luck this year. Certainly your shotgun is better fired than used as a club on any hunt.

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