It’s been 6 years in the making and now it’s here.

I have taken my readers’ advice and have launched a YouTube channel.

Here is what The Classic Woodsman YouTube Channel is all about.

You have asked for it and now it’s here. My new YouTube Channel The Classic Woodsman is all about the outdoors. The first video fits the season perfect. Bugs ruin our outdoor adventures and even backyard barbecues. I talk about what has worked for me personally over almost four decades of hitting the wilds.

What is in store for the next videos? I have a long list sitting next to me at the moment. Topics will revolve around outdoor gear, tips for the wilds from actual experience and of course guns, hunting, target shooting and armed defense (my favorite topics!).

Also guest starring on occasion will be Mrs. The Classic Woodsman (my wife Jess) to put a female perspective to some topics. Please subscribe and share The Classic Woodsman YouTube Channel and I will certainly also subscribe to your channel. Enjoy the content now and in the future and thank you.

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