The AR-15 has been referred to by many as America’s rifle.

This do it all platform is also a favorite of builds.

Witness this shooter’s first AR-15 rifle build all in time lapse video.

The AR-15 rifle is loved by many shooters and is scorned by all anti-gunners. The generally black coloration rifle (though really any color stock, metal finish, etc. is used) can be configured into defense, target shooting and hunting needs quite easily. With the market flooded by aftermarket accessories and AR-15 rifle prices at an all time low it is certainly a great pick for a utilitarian rifle.

Many shooters that love DIY are building their own rifles. These have everything for their personal touches and can be built at times on a budget under factory built model prices. Figure the AR-15 platform as the Lego of the gun world. Build it how you want it.

YouTuber LDSreliance decided to time lapse the video of his first AR-15 rifle build. What accessories would you have added to that build? Better get working on your own personal build while parts prices are in the budget.

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