Barrel obstructions of any find must be avoided at all cost.

Spiked pressure turns your firearm into a grenade.

Watch as Kentucky Ballistics kabooms a .300 Win. Mag. Rifle while experimenting with squib obstructions.

A destroyed rifle is indeed a sad sight. The knowledge that can be attained from one destroyed for “science” can save many other shooters from making that mistake. If nothing else though, it sure is fun to watch in slow motion.

YouTuber Kentucky Ballistics is certainly the king of destroying firearms. While entertaining as it is there is quite a lot of lessons to be witnessed in these videos. Never have a barrel obstruction of any type. If a gun sounds strange when fired, stop immediately. Unload and check the barrel for squibs. Also, never shoot questionable ammunition.

Sit back and watch the destruction. Take heed never to try this on purpose or by mistake.

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