Are those predators you hunt at night wise to over-powered spotlights?

The Night Eyes Scan Light will put the odds in your favor.

I got a chance to review the impressive Night Eyes Scan Light, and this is what I found.

Joe Zaffuto is a hunter just like you and me. He was using another manufacturer’s predator light along with some hunting buddies who had the same product. They all broke. He was so fed up he decided to make a better product.

Many predator hunters buy the brightest spotlight they can find, and many times these ultra bright spotlights sport only a white beam. Sure, they light up the whole terrain, essentially turning night into day. Well, nocturnal predators hunt in the night and not the day. Many spooked predators become quite cunning and stay away from any bright light source, especially white light. The term for that used by many night hunters is being “burned.”

How can night hunters find their game without spooking the whole county?

The Night Eyes Scan Light has three different light colors to choose from at a moment’s notice. There is red, green, and white all in one easy to use unit.

There are also 10 different brightness settings for all three light colors. With the ability to adjust the light brightness, those normally light shy predators are more prone to come in to the hunter when called.

This scan light is meant to be used to find the glowing eyes of your prey far out in the distance. You are not lighting up half of the planet. Stealth is now at your finger tips.

Joe Zaffuto explains his great products in this video in his own words.


Here’s a picture of a willing pine tree filling in for predators to show you exactly what each light beam color offers. The red beam is the staple of most predator hunters. It will illuminate animal eyes without scaring them away.

Using the lowest setting to illuminate eyes while scanning seems to be the best approach. Then hunters can turn up the power when they are ready for the shot.

The green beam is a bit bright for hunting normal predators, though many hog hunters swear by that eerie green beam. It certainly lights up the environment on full power.

Once again if you are scanning with this beam, keep the power low and turn it up before engaging your prey.

No flashlight is complete with the good ole white beam, even though we already discussed its cons. This is what you can use to track the blood trail of the predators after the shot.

My personal experience with the Night Eyes Scan Light over the last four months of usage has been very positive. This unit does indeed hold a charge with the supplied rechargeable batteries for a long time. The light intensity settings are customized for each application, and are easy to choose quickly.

When you attach the light shield, it keeps the light on the target, not washed over your weapon, gear, or yourself. The magnet mount allows for the Night Eyes Scan Light to attach quickly to your weapon to line up the shot. It stays put even with decent recoil, and does not harm your gun barrel or magazine tube’s finish. It’s absolutely brilliant, in my opinion.

Game seemed unfazed by the lower red light settings in my testing. This allowed for luring or even sneaking up on animals at night. Be sure to keep the beam in the targeted animal’s eyes at all times, because they learn fast if you don’t.

Step up into the world of ultimate predator night hunting stealth this season with the Night Eyes Scan Light. Be sure to check them out at the Night Eyes Lights website and SEE all the great products they offer. Joe is ready to help you turn your night hunts into more successful ones.

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