When Hickok45 and Demolition Ranch team up you know that’s a good time. 

These popular YouTube shooting sensations will give you lots of laugh.

Check out thee surprises Demolition Ranch had for Hickok45 on this visit.

YouTubers Hickok45 and Demolition Ranch are both major characters in YouTube shooting videos. With a visit from Demolition Ranch the great Hickok45 was put up to an impromptu challenge. He had to do reviews of 3 pistols that were revealed to him on camera at that very moment. The footage is just hysterical.

First was a “gold plated” 1911 .45 acp. pistol. Well Hickok45 shot that well and seemed to like the pistol minus the gold coloration. Second was a tiny .25 acp. pistol. The tiny pistol disappears in the big man’s hands. His trigger finger extended past the muzzle of the little pistol causing some safety concerns. Oh yes the little bugger jammed. The last was a folding Glock pistol with a folding arm brace and a red dot sight. This small weapon was not easy to hold for Hickok45 either.

Well the “gold plated” 1911 won the shootout. Like Hickok45 said “it’s still a 1911”. Check out both great personalities on YouTube.

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