Bullet impacts are hidden from the human eye.

The quickness of the bullets make this almost magical.

Witness bullet impacts in slow motion that will amaze you.

A hidden world is in front of us with every shot we fire. The projectile is humming along at speeds most of the time the human eye cannot see. Bullet impacts are a split second of destruction that sadly is mostly invisible to the unaided eye.

That is where slow motion footage comes into play. In this video shared on YouTube by orlov152 of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit we look into a secret world. Rifle bullets slam into steel. Some make it through while others don’t. Bullets are caught flying in mid air along with other incredible footage of incredible ballistics in action. Now this is an addicting video to watch over and over again.

After watching this video you might look at target shooting in a whole new light. The science behind the bullet and how it performs is just incredible.

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