A rifle that actually shoots arrows?

Traditions has just debuted such a weapon at Shot Show 2019.

Check out the Traditions Crackshot XBR Rifle that can blast out arrows.

So is the Traditions Crackshot XBR a rifle or a bow? It all seems so confusing right?

In this video shared by Mossy Oak on YouTube Traditions at Shot Show 2019 unveiled a new component to their famous single shot Traditions Crackshot .22 caliber rifle. The upper barrel assembly will fire an arrow while using a proprietary .27 caliber blank cartridge loaded in the conventional breech manner. That cartridge will launch that arrow around 385 fps. and will possibly revolutionize the archery or firearm seasons.

As with the Benjamin Airbow released a couple years back how will game commissions feel of this firearm? What seasons will ultimately be open for this unorthodox weapon? Would it be available to disabled hunters? Better question would be would you hunt with the Traditions Crackshot XBR arrow shooting rifle? There will certainly be much controversy around this hunting implement for game management well into the future.

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