Does The Classic Woodsman actually have chickens too?

Yes I do and there are so many reasons for you too do so also.

Here are my big reasons for owning a chickens.

1. Eggs

Fresh eggs is quite a happy surprise to find daily in the chicken coop. My wife and I love fresh eggs. Friends and family do to so the hens work to pay their feeding costs daily.

2. Meat

Raising birds for meat can be very rewarding.  Nothing is better raising your own meat birds, and seeing a freezer full as the end result.  There are breeds that are preferred for meat including Jumbo White Cornish Cross, Rainbow Rangers (very, very tasty) as well as dual purpose breeds such as Barred Rocks.

3. Entertainment

My wife loves her growing flock of chickens. They range from bantam sizes all the way up to much larger hens. Watching these odd birds interact with each other is quite comical. It essentially is a smaller version of what junior high school was all about.

4. Self reliance

If the grid goes owning chickens are a commodity that keeps on giving. Eat the eggs, trade them off for other goods or in the worst case turn the chickens themselves into meals. The old timers always kept chickens around as the original “fast food”. Better have a long net in that case as chickens will always outrun you. I can attest this truthfully from many chicken chasing endeavors.

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