Ever hear of the Vietnam War Marine sniper named Carlos Hathcock?

“White Feather’s” war time sniping has changed how even the military trains new snipers.

Listen in his own words what Carlos Hathcock’s memory recalls in vivid color.


Vietnam War sniper legend Carlos Hathcock was indeed the real deal. Tougher than nails he survived by using woodsmanship and precision fire to take on any enemy foolish enough to face him.

While reading accounts of his heroic exploits in books or online is quite interesting, hearing it in his own words is something completely different. It is certainly riveting to look into the veteran’s eyes during this interview and see the emotion with each true story told.

Though Mr. Carlos Hathcock II has passed from this realm his stories continue to be a lesson to great warriors of today and tomorrow. Rest easy soldier and Godspeed. I send also a special thank you to all of the veterans reading this article and all of the servicemen and women of this great country who continue to defend freedom. God Bless you all.

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