What if someone stole your fish?

Well in London this strange man does just that.

Witness what happens when a man steals a fisherman’s catch and the aftermath.

Well here is the scene: these anglers were catching fish in a very polluted waterway. It was catch and release only and that is exactly what they were doing.

When a couple foreigners walk up to the men one man grabs the freshly caught fish. He cusses and says his mother will cook for him. He takes the fish and heads off with it and returns a while later to discuss his fish theft. The angler gets the fish back and tries to return it to the water. By now the fish was out of the water too long and almost dead.

On the way out the anglers run into police that ask what they caught and why a dead fish is floating there. Luckily for these fishermen they had proof of the fish thief in action. Special thanks to the YouTubers the Horizon Liner for this quite bizarre video. What a strange world we live in.

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