Anyone that has shot machine guns will always remember the thrill.

This fellow gets to try out many of the world’s best machine guns.

If you are a machine gun addict or just like watching them check out this video.

This isn’t a video about shooting the now banned bump stocks or other fake full auto firepower. This is the real thing and plenty of them.

In this video that is wrongfully marked “shooting every machine gun in the world” we do see a great cross section of machine gun technology. It spans all the way from before World War Two up until modern day.

Years back I got to try out at a range a full auto M16 A1 (fully legal with papers) and also a fully automatic Karl Gustaf Swedish K submachine gun (also fully legal with papers). The thrill of firing these weapons was unforgettable though the Swedish K subgun was my favorite of the two for close range fun. If you get a chance visit a club where members own such weapons or head out to a major machine gun shoot. It will be an experience you will never forget.

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