Henry Arms takes safety seriously.

When a possible issue on a popular model was found a full recall has been issued.

If you own a Henry Arms Single Shot Rifle or Single Shot Shotgun take note of this recall.


I have had the pleasure of reviewing both the Henry Arms Single Shot .45-70 Rifle and the Henry Arms Single Shot Steel 12 Gauge Shotgun. During that testing and the hunting and target shooting since then these tough and handy single shots have performed perfectly.


When I heard that Henry Arms was recalling them I was quite surprised. Here are Henry Arm’s own words on what the issue is:

Henry H015 Single Shot Rifle & Shotgun
Safety Recall and Upgrade

Henry Repeating Arms Company has recently discovered a potential safety issue with H015 Single Shot Rifles and Single Shot Shotguns. Henry is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers.

To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, you should immediately stop using your H015 model Single Shot Rifle and/or Single Shot Shotgun and not load or fire them until they have been upgraded.

The Issue & Fix:

Under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these rifles and shotguns may discharge without the trigger being pulled if the hammer is partially cocked and released. Henry has identified the cause of the issue, and it will be corrected by replacing various components of the fire control system.

Complimentary Upgrade:

Henry Repeating Arms is also implementing a complimentary and unrelated upgrade for all firearms affected by this safety recall. This upgrade involves a replacement of the trigger guard, hammer, and hammer spring. This design change to improve and reduce the trigger pull has already been incorporated into all H015 rifles and shotguns manufactured in 2020, and will be made to your rifle or shotgun free of charge.

What do you do now? Well Henry states:

Actions To Take:

Contact us immediately to arrange to have your rifle or shotgun fixed and upgraded free of charge using the online form below, emailing us at recall@henryusa.com, calling us toll-free at 1-866-200-2354, or mailing a letter to

Henry Repeating Arms, ATTN: H015 Recall
107 W. Coleman St.
Rice Lake, WI 54868.

Please be sure to supply your contact information, model number(s), and serial number(s) when contacting us through a means other than the form below.

After your recall request is approved we will email or mail you a prepaid shipping label with instructions so that you can return your unloaded rifle or shotgun to us, free of charge.

We will upgrade your rifle or shotgun and return it to you free of charge. We will make every effort to complete the upgrade of your rifle or shotgun and return it to you as soon as possible.

Make sure to stop by Henry Arms Recall Information Page for all of the needed information about the recall. Special thanks to the fine folks at Henry Arms for taking this serious and keeping us safe. I admire their honesty and integrity for making fine all American made rifles, shotguns and mares legs and keeping them at the utmost levels of safety.

UPDATE: After learning of the recalls I sent an email to Henry Arms and received a quick response that had attached the shipping return labels needed. If you need a box for return they will send you one too at no charge. A couple days after shipping it back by UPS,  Henry Arms had the single shots back for repair. I had heard online there was about a week’s amount of time turn around and behold there was! Both were done in one week and headed back.

Shipped right to my door the rifle and shotgun truly had improved triggers beyond what I thought would happen. Impressed? Indeed I am! There were no scratches or any damage from the repair to the finish at all on either single shot. As evidence of the dirty bores both weapons were test fired at the factory to be sure all is good. 

If you are holding out on sending back your Henry Arms Single Shot Rifle or Shotgun for repair no worries. It is hassle free, a quick return and the trigger pull is also improved. Hats off to my friends at Henry Arms for making sure their American made well built weapons are both beautifully made, work great and ultimately safe from any imaginable malfunction. You just can’t go wrong with a Henry!

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