Looking for a high quality rifle scope?

Well the Maven RS. 1 Rifle Scope might be the right pick for you. I got a chance to review the Maven RS. 1 Rifle Scope and this is what I found.

The Maven RS. 1 Rifle Scope is indeed a monolithic scope. Would this large size add to how tough it should be for target shooting and hunting?

This rifle scope was in for an epic torture test of weather and heavy recoil during my test and evaluation period. It span through the summer well into deer gun season this winter. What I found was quite eye opening at the end of the testing.

What is the Maven RS. 1 Rifle Scope all about? Before I tell you how it performed we will look into it’s many features. The first focal plane reticle is meant to hold zero to your holdovers no matter what variable power you have the scope turned to. The SHR (Simplified Holdover Reticle holds true no matter what power you are set at. Power can be selected from a magnification range of 2.5 power to 15 power. ED glass is used for true color rendering and maximum light transmission. The 44mm objective lens diameter is ready to capture any available light. Sporting capped MOA turrets with 0.25 MOA per click, a precise side parallax adjustment, and buttery smooth zoom adjustments this durable anodized scope is ready for the woods or range. A neoprene cover protects your RS.1 Rifle Scope investment.

Below is the reticle view of both the 2.5 power to the full 15 power. As you can see the fine almost invisible reticle bars are in plain view at higher magnifications. The holdover points are quite clear at high magnification but out of the way at lower magnifications. Field of view was spot on from what I expect from a quality hunting riflescope.


Opening the box I found a really beefy built scope. I quickly discovered that the tube diameter required 30mm scope rings and not the smaller but standard 1 inch diameter scope rings. With none in my supplies I ordered a set for the review.


When the rings arrived I looked around for a worthy rifle to mount the Maven RS.1 Scope to. Did I pick a flat shooting low recoil weapon to test this scope? No actually I went in the complete opposite direction. I mounted the scope to a Henry Arms Single Shot .45/70 Rifle. Would this scope stand up to the big recoil of the powerful .45/70 cartridge? After sighting in and firing boxes full of various loads the best accuracy was the below target at 100 yards using Buffalo Cartridge Company Deer Dropper Ammunition from a bench rest. I was quite impressed to say the least.

Well the scope held up well under tremendous recoil so far and grouped well.

Why not take a poke out at a target 200 yards away? That is exactly what I did with the same Buffalo Cartridge Company Deer Dropper .45/70 loads. Shooting from a rest I decided to use the second lower horizontal crosshair for bullet drop compensating. With the scope cranked up to 15 power I was ready to make the shots. I fired 9 shots at that distant target. Each bullet impact I saw well with the clear image scope. The group’s largest spread was 4.5″ incredibly. The lower two right hand bullet holes were from a previous target shooter. If that was a large game animal each of those shots would have been game droppers. Yes that was extremely impressive. Maven RS.1 Rifle Scopes certainly are cut out as hunting scopes too.

The rest of my testing over the next months well into hunting season showed the Maven RS.1 Scope held zero perfectly and could deal well with heavy recoil. Whether firing at 2.5 power or all the way up to 15 power the point of impact was always the same. This beefy scope sure can do it’s job very well. It survived fog free in rain and snow in the toughest weather northeast Ohio deer hunts could throw at it. I used 4 or 6 power for the stand and while stalking the undergrowth I turned down the power all the way down to 2.5 power magnification. The clarity was magnificent in low light conditions and the crosshairs were easy to see quickly. Impressed? I certainly can attest I am.

For $1,200 it sure should live up to the price and it certainly does. The scope is made in Japan with quality optics well over many other competitors. It is well worth the cost for quality and performance.

While this scope is a bit on the heavy side for carrying on a lightweight hunting rifle I found it functioned flawlessly. Check out the Maven RS.1 Scope and all over the other Maven Optics products available. Their direct-to-consumer sales allows the cut out of the middle man.

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