Are you ready to get banned from the gun range with Lea Speed?

Shooting up close at exploding targets her way will certainly get it done.

Witness YouTuber Leaspeed6 tear up this gun range with epic style.

What is the quickest way to get banned from a gun range? YouTuber Leaspeed6 shows off her mischievous gun range anti-etiquette side to demonstrate how it’s done.

How about shooting targets at point blank range? Well Lea thought about that and decided she needed a more explosive outcome. How about binary explosives posted to the back of the targets? With massive boom and smoke those targets and target holders are history. I think someone is going to be very mad…

While it’s all fun watching Lea do it better leave the binary explosives to private property (if even legal or permitted there) and not on a public shooting range. Don’t worry Lea, I don’t think any of my readers will tell on you, right?

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