Sometimes you just have to break out the big guns.

What can be much bigger than the incredible punt guns?

Witness these punt guns send large volumes of lead down range for our amusement.

Back in the distant past punt guns fired large loads of lead shot into flocks of waterfowl. These were the days of unregulated market hunting that decimated waterfowl populations at the time. Then the big guns fell silent. Conservation had saved the day for waterfowl and generations of future hunters and bird watching enthusiasts alike.

What ever became of the large smoke belching beasts that used to be tied onto punt boats? Well they now are collectibles that adorn fireplace mantles. That is, some do. Others are dusted off and taken to the range for the ultimate in target shooting fun.

If you like big vintage guns this video shared by YouTuber Ian Summerell is a must see.

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