Another year has gone by and just like our pleasant weather range trips.

The Thanksgiving Holiday allows us to slow down and take a look at what we are truly grateful for.

Here are the top 5 reasons I personally am grateful for this year.

Being a citizen of these great United States.

I am a proud citizen of the United States of America. Like many of you I am grateful for the sacrifices our armed forces have made in the past and present to allow the freedoms that we hold dear. The U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment protect my rights as an American outdoorsman and firearm enthusiast. Long live these rights.

My readers.

All of the great readers of my articles are why I continue writing them. It is a passion of mine to share great how to articles, gear reviews and general interesting ideas that strike my fancy. Without readers such as yourself the writings would be meaningless and forgotten. Thank you for your support!

Partnerships and the giants of the outdoor and gun industries.

Industry professionals from firearms manufacturers to accessory makers have made my reviews possible. They support my honest and humble opinions of great products the makers have spent much time and money on producing for the hunter and shooter. This goes also without saying also for the reviews that were not directly related to firearms but to the great outdoors instead.

God, family and friends.

The Almighty Lord first and full most has put great friends and family in my life. These friends, family and great mentors have changed a skinny kid with a bb gun into The Classic Woodsman. I continue to learn and grow through experiences in the wilds, at the gun range and spending time with the legends of my time. Their knowledge I wish to share for the next generations and share that to you the reader. May their knowledge never be lost from this generation and others to come. May we share what we know with others.

Guns and the great outdoors.


My prides and joys! The smell of black powder in the morning air is better than the best aroma from any store. It takes me back to a time when the great forefathers that made this country a reality. Tearing up targets with superior firepower is a primal feeling of power to protect my family and my country if need be. The sight of a big buck out in the wilds is a feast for the eyes and soul. The solitude of a silent morning in a treestand is nothing but perfect. How can we not feel grateful for such wonderful things? May your tables be full of tasty vittles and your gun cabinets be full of beautiful weapons. God bless you all.

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