When is a single shot shotgun so much more?

Well back in the day when the Alofs Reloading Magazine was attached.

Witness Facebook page C&Rsenal test out what the Alofs conversion is all about.

Back in 1923 Herman Alofs of Holland, Michigan invented a conversion that would turn an ordinary single shot shotgun into a magazine fed repeating shotgun. While interesting this creation just never made it to the big leagues.

In this video we witness how it all works in great detail. The Alofs Conversion is mounted on the left side of the shotgun’s receiver. The magazine tube holds spare shells at the ready and the carrier moves to the right to feed the cartridges right into the shotgun’s chamber. Close the action and cock the hammer. You are ready for another shot quickly.

My personal thoughts are with a shotgun’s recoil that adapter is quite dangerously close to the shooter’s eye and face too. Also how practical was this invention for the wing shooter? Many thanks to C&Rsenal on Facebook for sharing this quite interesting item. Be sure to like and follow them.

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