DIY gun build are works of usable art.

This Sten MKII parts kit is about to be reborn.

Witness the Sten gun build and test fire that will make you wish it was yours.

YouTuber Tennessee Silencer shared a gun build video that will make you want to dust of your Dremel and buy a parts kit of your own. Be forewarned though, remember building a machine gun without the proper permits is a big no-no that will land you in serious hot water and a cold prison cell. Instead, watch these guys have all the fun.

Starting out with a really rough parts kit these fellas put together quite a beautiful Sten MKII machine gun. They documented the whole build, and the test firing. With lots of elbow grease they got the little throw back to World War Two in great working order. With a new coat of paint the fun build is done. That little hornet looks like an incredibly fun way to burn through a lot of ammo in short order.

Want to shoot this British Sten MKII machine gun? Well you can rent it at Tennessee Silencer located between Knoxville, Maryville, Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, in Tennessee.

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