What’s a good reason not to be at the rifle range?

Well there is no good reason as this shooter proves.

Witness the double amputee marksman that is quite the inspiration for a can do attitude.

In a video shared on Facebook by Vadim Dobrin we see a dedicated rifle shooter. His stance might seem a little off. His trigger usage is certainly out of the ordinary. Still this driven shooter perseveres even though he is essentially arm less.

Watching this video we see this man uses his feet instead of hands. His toes act as fingers for the fine work of cycling, loading and firing this bolt action rifle. This is indeed a remarkable sight to witness.

The take away lesson from this video is don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams. Whether in the woods or at the range enjoy yourself and find a way around any adversity that may besiege you. Hats off to this fella for doing what he loves.

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