Attention recoil junkies!

Have you fired these ultra-heavy shoulder kickers?

Rock Island Auction Company takes a beating to demonstrate just how hard recoil can beat you up.

Think your shoulder is pretty tough to recoil? Well Ian and the boys from Rock Island Auction Company are here to show you what really kicks hard.

Starting off with a 12 gauge they fire ever larger cartridges. The .700 Nitro Magnum kicks quite hard. The 4 gauge double stopping rifle was just brutal. Slow motion video shows just how much energy goes into the shooter from each weapon.

The last and most monstrous is the .950 JDJ cartridge. Out of a huge bolt action rifle complete with a massive muzzle brake the power is intense. The shooters remarked the 4 gauge was actually much worse. Check out the blast that comes out of that muzzle brake. Without that the shooter would certainly have serious injuries.

Many thanks to RIAC for this hard hitting video. Be sure to subscribe to their channel on YouTube.

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