This bow fisherman got the cops called on him.

What could have been annoying actually turned out very comical.

Witness this bow fisherman school the local police on what bow fishing is all about.

Imagine this scene. You are bow fishing for carp and minding your own business. All of a sudden you are being questioned by three police officers about what you are doing.

Well this scene might have gone a negative way if this archer had not played his cool. He was in the legal for his fishing activities.  The police officers were absolutely clueless to the laws and even what the angler was using referring to it as a “crossbow” when it was clearly not. When they realized the angler was not a threat their curiosity was peaked. How did it all work? Well this bow fisherman gave them a bow fishing 101 class that might make even them future bowmen (and bow ladies) of the waterways.

Many thanks to YouTuber Connor J. Shular for sharing this video. The officers (though not knowledgeable about the sport) played it by the book and learned something too. Cool heads always prevail and the caller on this bow fisherman got no satisfaction from their action. I call that a win all around.

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