You just can’t go wrong with a pump action shotgun.

Add detachable box magazine capability and you are certainly well armed.

I got a chance to review the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series M Pump Action Shotgun.


Many shooters, hunters, law enforcement and home defenders will gladly tell you the merits of a good pump action shotgun. They will function with light loads and heavy loads without any adjustments. Your arm is the operating system so there is no worry that the pump gun will not function when dirty. A home intruder in the middle of the night certainly does not want to hear the terrifying sound of a pump action shotgun ratcheting a load into the chamber. Black Aces Tactical knows the allure of the old pump gun and decided to add something else to it. How about detachable Saiga 12 style box magazines?

A trip over to see my friends over at Silverado Arms yielded a special package from Black Aces Tactical. The all new Black Aces Tactical Pro Series M Pump Action Shotgun was looking back at me chambered in 12 gauge 2.75″ and 3″ shells. This man sized shotgun was going to get a serious test to see if it has what it takes for hunting and defense purposes.

First off the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series M Pump Action Shotgun came with a small case complete with two extra Benelli Mobil style choke tubes in skeet and full constrictions along with a choke tube wrench. A five round magazine was also supplied.


Taking a look at the walnut furniture I was pleased to see a nice grained wood stock and fine checkering. A rubber butt pad on the stock will help manage the recoil.  The stock’s dimensions are built for a full sized adult (I’m 6′ and found it worked well) and is man sized for grip size. This is certainly not a youth sized shotgun.

The walnut forearm matches the walnut stock in wood grain and finish well and has the checkering for positive grip when wet or while wearing gloves.


The shotgun came with a modified constriction choke tube already installed.


If you like the safety on your AR-15 style weapon you will certainly like this one. Your right thumb will select on and off. It is a little bit of a stretch to reach but with practice it can be as quick as any safety is. Note the box magazine release on the bottom of the shotgun. It’s design allows it to be ambidextrous and quick in use.


As I mentioned before the wood on the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series M Pump Action Shotgun is quite eye catching. Take a close look at the grain in that walnut stock.


For the range testing I was sent also a two shot, eight shot and ten shot detachable magazines. Remember while fun gunning or home defense the larger capacity magazines are great but for hunting you may need to stick to the two rounder. Check all hunting regulations to be in the know.


Testing the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series M Pump Action Shotgun proved to be quite fun. Like I mentioned before pump action shotguns will feed the very feeblest low recoil target loads to the game smashing 3″ magnum loads. The action indeed is very smooth. Cycling is quite a breeze which allowed for fast shooting. All magazines functioned well and with the ten rounder in a lot of noise and firepower was certainly achieved. I do have to say I really like the two round magazine for hunting purposes. This little mag has less to snag on in the bushes and streamlines the shotgun. Smooth is fast like the old gunfighter’s saying goes. Below is a Triumph Targets Zombie Target that got in the way of a shotgun blast. The Federal Dove & Quail #7.5 2.75″ 12 gauge load put the hurt on that target.

From light to heavy loads the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series M Pump Action Shotgun ran like a champ. The larger size of this pump gun absorbed more recoil than lighter and smaller framed shotguns. Empty shotgun shells piled up and the shotgun kept tearing up targets. I ran out of targets and began targeting weed clumps on the dirt backstop. Quite fun and effective to say the least. Changing loads in a hurry is a breeze with the Saiga 12 style detachable magazines. This shotgun just plain works and is certainly all business. Below is a video of some range time with this heavy hitter.

If you are in the market for a new pump action shotgun be sure to check out the Black Aces Tactical Pro Series M Pump Action Shotgun. Head on over to the Black Aces Tactical website and see all of the great products they offer for your gunning needs.

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