Ever bring the wrong gun to the wrong hunt?

Well chances are the wrong caliber is present at the worst possible time.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons examines the answer that just never caught on.

If you hunt you know the scenario well. If you are deer hunting the small game is thick. If you are small game hunting, well a monster buck just happens to walk on by. What if you could have a larger caliber and a small caliber both in the same rifle?

Well the above has been done in various forms. This version shared by Ian from Forgotten Weapons is a .22 caliber barrel and action cleverly placed in the large caliber rifle’s forearm. The little single shot .22 rifle is the addition to this Mauser actioned rifle, and it was indeed well done.

I have always been fascinated with combination guns and this one is truly a gem. Many thanks to Ian for sharing this video and others so we can all learn about the interesting historical arms.

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