Ever have a close call caused by another hunter?

Well this hunter did and shows us what unfolded that day.

Witness just how close this hunter came to becoming a victim of not so friendly fire.

In a video shared by The Hunting Public on Facebook we witness a close call that should have never happened.

This hunter is filming his own hunt and is clad with a hunter safety orange hat and vest on. This should alert other hunters of this position. That might have worked for everyone except the hunter across the field. Deer run between the hunters and the other hunter takes aim. The filming hunter is directly behind the deer herd and in the line of fire. He whistles to alert the other hunter to notice his blaze orange and to hold his fire. Well that did not work and bullets zing toward this hunter downrange. No hunter wants to experience that!

This scenario could have proved fatal all over a deer hunt. Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it. One shot could end a life or land you in the hoosegow. Don’t be that sloppy hunter who gives every hunter a bad name.

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Post Author: enestor75