How possibly can a shotgun become more lethal?

Well take a look back at an exploding round that looks quite epic.

See in this video shared by YouTuber honestbob64 what the Frag-12 exploding shotgun ammunition can do.

Most of us think heavy buckshot and massive shotgun slugs are the end all in shotgun power. That was true until the Frag-12 exploding shotgun round was invented.

The The standard 3″ 12 gauge shotgun shells are packed with a high explosive warhead. The fin stabilized projectile arms at 3 meters from the shotgun muzzle. On impact the 3.4 grams of RDX high explosive in the warhead explodes.

Military and law enforcement are the only customers available for the Frag-12 exploding shotgun load. Too bad as they certainly could be fun for the rest of us too.

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