Remember the BB guns from your childhood?

The tiny BB’s or .177 caliber pellets sure are small.

Check out this air pistol that is a monstrous .58 caliber.

I remember many days as a teenager wandering the woods with my trusty Crosman 1377 American Classic BB/pellet pistol. It was a 10 pump handgun that still was short on power for even small game.

YouTuber UpNorthAirGunner got a chance to test out a pair of the Quackenbush Outlaw .58 caliber big bore air pistols. Check out the power of a truly big bore air pistol!

I sure wish I had these in my younger years, or even now! Airguns sure have come a long way and now certainly are capable of large game. Try that with your old Red Ryder BB gun!


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