Yes 10mm is an absolutely awesome cartridge.

It also is quite a pricey one too.

See what happens when this shooter tries .40 S&W ammunition in a 10mm Glock pistol.

To many shooters and hunters the Glock 10mm pistol is quite a powerful work horse. It can fire the hot 10mm ammunition the cartridge was actually made for and function with little love. In bear country it is carried against the carnivorous behemoths of the north.

The problem of the 10mm is unless you reload the ammunition prices are steep. Also in an emergency 10mm cartridges may not be available. What about the 10mm’s spawn the .40 S&W cartridge? Sure it’s shorter but has the same diameter bullet. There has been a lot of rumors about the switch-ability of these two cartridges. Will it actually work? How safe is it anyway?

YouTuber Jeremy S. decided to try out just how feasible it is to fire .40 S&W cartridges from a Glock pistol in 10mm. Well in a pinch it appears to certainly work fine.

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