range trip


When anti-gunners get their first range time interesting things happen.

Fear diminishes and excitement along with enjoyment occurs.

Witness what happens when these 5 Anti’s get range time for the first time ever.

When five anti-gunners get range time for the first time a lot changes with the first squeeze of the trigger.

We see a transformation of these gun haters and actual enjoyment is captured on video. In the end of the video some of their views are changed though they hate to admit they were wrong all along about guns.

This video shared by YouTuber As/Is shows that education is the key to end the fear of firearms. Those that are told by others that guns are bad and have zero experience with them should first get educated about them before they speak their mind. They should also take history lessons how guns in the hands of civilians are indeed a good thing. That is why the founding forefathers of our great country added the Second Amendment to The Constitution. Long live out rights!

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