shotgun fail


This guy’s friends are just the worst.

They put him up to shooting a shotgun in the most dumb position ever.

Witness what happens when you shoot a shotgun one handed in front of your face.

I think I can smell the beer all the way here. Well in a video shared by YouTuber ViralHog we see a fellow who should hang out with nicer friends.

This fellow shoots a short single shot 12 gauge shotgun loaded with a 3 inch magnum shell. He tries to fire it Terminator style and gets a face full of gun. His face is really bashed up good. Watch in the background the guy jumping up and down with excitement at the injury. Now that is a good friend (or family member) right there

Never drink and shoot guns. Not sure if they were here but it would certainly answer many questions. Also be careful who you hang out with. If you are not watchful you too might be sporting a nice scar in your future.

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