Need a steady rest for taking those precise shots?

Well Swagger Bipods has the shooting sticks with moves.

I got a chance to thoroughly test out the Swagger Stalker QD42 and this is how well it performed.


We have all been in the situation when sitting up against a tree, in a hunting blind or even laying prone ready for our game of choice. Keeping your weapon in a ready position without help is quite taxing on the arm muscles and your game watching concentration. When game finally shows up holding steady on target offhand can be a chore for a precise one shot harvest. A traditional bipod or shooting stick is quite immobile. A shot presenting itself in quick fashion from either side causes a big problem. Swagger knew of this problem and came up with a series of incredible shooting sticks that allow for movement and precise supported shots.


With the Swagger Stalker QD42 in hand I can tell you all about it before we get into the serious testing. The movement part of the whole system is the Flexready Technology. The spring loaded legs actually move with your aim.


A close up look at the impressive spring system shows just how interesting the Swagger design really is. Also the quick detach button is shown in the below image.


The adjustable legs extend from 14″ to a full 42″ in length. This covers shooting from prone all the way through a regular chair height. Remove the rubber feet and spikes are there for rough or icy conditions.


The sturdy legs adjust easily for your height of choice.


A center keeper holds the legs from springing into position until you want them to be. This is a must for packing on the hunt but is quick to deploy when the time is right.


The Swagger Stalker QD42 comes with a swivel stud adapter. This allows any standard swivel adapter to become a Picatinny rail. The Swagger Stalker QD42 then attaches directly to this adapter or to a Picatinny rail that may already be on your crossbow or long gun. The swivel stud adapter is secured with 2 Allen wrench screws that can be easily removed and the unit placed on another weapon of choice.


So how well does it work you ask? I decided to test the Swagger Stalker QD42 out on one of my favorite deer hunting rifles for Ohio. The Henry Single Shot .45/70 rifle is light to carry and packs a big punch. Much of my hunting for deer in Ohio is sit and wait…and wait… Holding a rifle in shooting position for long periods is just a complete pain. What is needed is a way to keep the rifle ready in a moment. The rifle must hold well on target through bad weather, adrenaline and every emotion you can think of when that big buck comes trotting across the field. Previously I used traditional style shooting sticks. Sitting with shooting sticks is not the easiest. One hand has to hold the sticks and the other the rifle. Not being attached to the rifle the sticks can fall when you need them most. Regular bipods don’t have the height for proper use while sitting in a regular height chair. Mono-sticks and an option but not too stable for precise shots.

The Swagger Stalker QD42 is a joy to use and is quite smooth in operation. Also there is no noise. Below is a small video on just how smoothly you can glide from one position to another in a quick moment.

In the test video above I adjusted the Swagger Stalker QD42 extended to its full 42″ height. The legs can be deployed outward where you want them. If you were sitting against a tree adjust the legs shorter and be ready for fast action. I do prefer a regular height chair for winter deer hunting in Ohio for more visual height and it gets me off the cold frozen ground. The key to the design is certainly the Flexready Technology. The springs allow for other position options not available with other shooting stability aid products. Try one in many different possible scenarios and the true utility of the Swagger Bipods is quickly evident.

After testing the Swagger Stalker QD42 I can honestly tell you that it will revolutionize the way you hunt. The workmanship on this product is top notch. It truly is “The shooting sticks with moves!”.

Another great Swagger product that deserves a mention is the Hunter42. This great all terrain hunting bipod gives a hunter an option of a quickly deployed accuracy aid higher in height than a regular bipod right on their long range rifle.

Be sure to head over to the Swagger Bipods website and see all of the great products they offer. Hunt and shoot easier  and more accurately with Swagger than ever before.

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