Skinner Sights are well known for American made quality.

Andy at Skinner Sights sent out a set for my thorough testing.

I tested out the Skinner Sights “Express Sight” on a Henry Arms Lever Action .45/70 Rifle.

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I received in an small padded envelope a Skinner “Express” M95EX/336 Peep Style Sight with two hex wrenches and even a machined filler block for the dovetail when your factory rear sight has been removed. I removed all four receiver filler screws from a Henry Arms Lever Action Steel .45/70 Rifle (previously reviewed) and placed the Skinner Express Sight upon the top of the receiver. After hand tightening the two mounting screws (do not use Loctite or you will void any warranty) I was set to shoot. I replaced the forward filler screw to the hole not used forward of the sight.

For this review I used previously reviewed Buffalo Cartridge Company’s 300 Grain SJHP Deer Dropper Load. This load is specifically loaded for big Ohio deer and groups well in every modern rifle I have fired it in. Firing five shots at 100 yards from a bench rest I achieved this incredible group. Yes three out of five bullet holes are actually touching!

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The below group comes from my previous review where the same rifle was fired also at 100 yards with factory iron sights. As you can see the above group was much more impressive than the lower factory sight group. Yes peep sights do indeed tighten groups as this proves. A two inch group is way better than a three inch group.

The Classic Woodsman

My first shots went very high over the target. I adjusted the sight all the way down and still and still my impacts were quite high with this particular test rifle. How I achieved the group was to aim at a target below the one with the bullet holes. Below is a picture of the actual target set up.

The Classic Woodsman

While I ran out of lower elevation setting I surmise that the group would probably be dead on at 200 yards. Of course I was shooting at 100 yards so the shots went high. That group though cannot be ignored and it proves a Skinner Peep Sight will increase your accuracy by leaps and bounds.

The Classic Woodsman

My end thoughts on the Skinner Express Sight is that I really like how much better I shoot with a peep sight. Less of the target is covered than traditional semi-buckhorn sights and your eye naturally centers the front sight in the peep where it needs to be. Speed is also a great factor of a Skinner Express Sight. While my specific test rifle shot high using this sight it is probably an isolated occurrence that could be solved. A different load or a higher front sight might fix that problem in this case at 100 yards.

Be sure to check out the Skinner Express Sight and all of their other great products on their website.

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