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Heavy machine guns need to be anchored well.

What happens when they are not secured well to the ground?

Witness what happens when a heavy machine gun takes flight and targets the crowd.

Heavy machine guns are no joke. With heavy firepower comes heavy recoil.

In a video posted on YouTube by Live Leak and Guy Fawkes we see some fellows who are blasting away with appears possibly to be a Russian manufactured heavy machine gun. The first couple bursts these guys are all happy. When a string of shots is tried it appears to possibly malfunction into a runaway machine gun. It rears up, falls over and shells the crowd. The camera man certainly had a bad day to say the least!

While I don’t know where or who these shooters are I do see this video as a lesson to all of us. Always respect the weapon you are firing and know the limitations and precautions before ever pulling the trigger. They certainly did not and probably lost some friends in the following epic fail.

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