man vs. bear trap


Remember special presentations back in school?

Well anything I saw was never as good as this trapper showed.

Witness man vs. bear trap that will leave you on the edge of your seat and make sure to turn down your volume.

When this guy shows up to a school presentation everyone is paying attention. He starts with talking about the power of mouse traps and setting them off. Up the food chain he goes until he gets to one massive bear trap.

Things get really interesting at this point. With help from a bunch of students to compress the massive springs he then sets the big bear trap off with a board. He is all warmed up now for the main attraction. He punches the bear trap trigger pan and is quick enough to escape the massive jaws and powerful springs.

Many thanks to YouTuber Gordon Ray for sharing this great video. Now that is a school presentation I wish I had witnessed back in the day, or even now!

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